Best things to do in Dubai for couples and family

Things to do for couples or families in Dubai to make your special holiday memories unforgettable. SkyCode Travel tour services cover all the bases from upscale dining to helicopter tours in Dubai. Contact us to book your attractions.

Burj Khalifa At the top Visit

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa offers a spectacular experience for couples, with the top (figuratively and literally) being a climb to the 830-metre high SKY observatory experience. This experience allows you to access level 148 of this spectacular skyscraper with a breathtaking view of the city below. Level 148 is one of the highest observatories in the entire world. If you don’t want to go quite that high, you can take the everyday experience, which gives you access to levels 124 and 125 and still gets astounding views from the observatories on those levels.

Feeling Romantic

Many feel a romantic trip to Dubai is not complete without visiting here. It’s directly in the heart of the city centre.

Dubai Fountain to enjoy spectacular atmosphere

Dubai fountain
The Dubai Fountain at the foot of Burj Khalifa showcases one of the world’s largest choreographed urban water shows with choreographed water jets, light, and colour. The fountains fire their water up to 150 metres in the sky, all perfectly synced to the beats of music and dancing lights within. It uses 22,000 gallons of water that are recycled through the fountain for an amazing, breathtaking view.

location and performance

It’s all located right in the heart of the Dubai city center at the Dubai Mall and goes on twice every afternoon and every half hour in the evenings. Capture a selfie together for your social media or just stand, hand-in-hand, and enjoy the show together.

Dubai Hot Air Balloon Ride

hot air ballon ride and desert safari
A Dubai hot air balloon ride may be one of the most classically romantic experiences one can have as you float high above the city in the oldest form of flying vessel. These amazing trips let you witness the vast deserts and skyscrapers that look so massive from the ground but look tiny from high above. You can see the glittering blue waters of the Persian Gulf. At some of these shows, the guides not only tell you the stories of what you see but add in extra features, such as falconry shows high in the sky.

Hot air balloon ride booking

You can book a balloon ride at SkyCode Travel in advance. Quite a few leaves from the heart of the city center.

Dubai Miracle Garden

miracle garden- dubai
The Dubai Miracle Garden isn’t far from the city and offers the chance to capture spectacular sunsets as you walk among 45 million flowers. It’s one of the largest gardens of natural flowers in the world, and romance is everywhere you go here. You might even find floral displays in the shape of multicolored hearts that tower as arches beneath which you can stroll holding hands. You might even capture a selfie of the two of you underneath one of these arches.

Unique flower themed park

If there is a type of flower in the world, it’s likely to be found here, in interesting and unique shapes and configurations. It’s only a short 20-minute drive south of the city centre.

Dubai Creek Dhow Dinner Cruise

dubai marina dhow cruise dinner
A Dubai Creek Dhow dinner cruise is a wonderfully romantic way to experience Arabic culture as you sail the Dubai Creek in a traditional boat with food and live entertainment. You’ll enjoy air-conditioned, comfortable surroundings and get a spectacular live show featuring traditional music and dance and your own waitstaff offering personalized service. The cuisine is top-notch and while each cruise is different usually offers multi-course meals of local recipes and delectable flavors, unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Dhow cruise dinner booking

These cruises are a wonderful way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, view Dubai differently, and enjoy local culture. The boarding point is at Dubai Marina. Book today your wonderful dinner with SkyCode Travel.

Al-Qudra Love Lakes

love lake visit dubai
The Al-Qudra Love Lakes are artificial lakes shaped like overlapping hearts and offering bird watching, spectacular sunrise and sunset views, and a dedication to romance. You can enjoy lots of shaded areas with benches to sit together, sculptures and statuary, and trees next to the lake that spell out the word “Love” when viewed from the sky. The lakes have no entry fee and are free to visit.

Love lake attractions and bookings

You can book a Love lake visit with SkyCode Travel in advance. A nearby food truck park allows plenty of dining options, or you can bring your own BBQ so long as it has a proper stand. You can even rent bicycles nearby to explore by pedal.

Dubai Desert Reserve

desert tour travelers
The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve lets you get out into the untamed wilds of the desert to see the stunningly and unexpectedly diverse range of wildlife that lives there. You’ll get on the backs of actual camels and ride into a royal desert retreat among endless seas of dunes. You’ll enjoy an authentic Emirati dinner at a Bedouin camp, then enjoy a falconry show, see a demonstration of Arabic bread making, and even get a henna tattoo. You can enjoy a 4-course dinner under the stars at the end of the night, accompanied by Arabian music and dance.

book your desert romance

This show combines traditional Arabian culture with a sense of true romance. You’ll depart from the city centre by air-conditioned van or simple contact SkyCode Travel to arrange the spectacular visit for your loved ones